Starting nursery can be daunting for both children and parents. Which is why we offer settling in sessions so your child can meet the staff and familiarise themselves with their environments before they start for the whole day. Parents accompany the child to the session, but usually leave after a discussion with the key person.

We will send details about your settling in date/s in our welcome letter. There is no charge for these sessions. If you are planning your return to work date, be aware that during the initial phase of settling you may need to stay with your child for some or all of the settling in sessions.

To help with the settling process, we ask you to bring in some family pictures so that we can put together a book for your child to look at when at nursery (we are happy to have pictures of favourite pets too!). This helps your child settle into their environment as it gives them a sense of security seeing familiar faces from home.

You can also bring a comfort toy or something your child enjoys playing with. They can feel more grounded if they recognise a toy or game. It is normal for children to need comfort from home at the start of the nursery.

We also have plenty of advice on helping your child settle into nursery

Key person:

Each child is given a key worker and placed in the age-appropriate room. You will be allocated a key worker on your child’s first day when you, your child and the key worker will complete an ‘all about me’ form. This process helps the child bond with the key worker and feel a sense of belonging. It also helps the key worker gain an understanding of your child’s personality, likes, dislikes and routine which further allows us to offer activities and experiences that are stimulating and relevant to your child.

Whilst all staff will be familiar with your child, their key worker will be your point of contact in the Nursery. Your key worker will work closely with you to ensure your child’s needs are being met and that you are updated regularly as to how your child is settling in and developing at the Nursery. The key worker will be responsible for monitoring your child’s progress and keeping records. You will be able to discuss your child’s progress and receive regular updates from them.