This week, the children were encouraged to brush their teeth.

Although oral health has improved, the oral health survey says a quarter  (3 out of 4) of children have tooth decay; so we decided to change this!

Every child was provided with their own tooth brush and tooth paste, which was kept isolated in their own sterilised container. Then, they proceeded to brush their teeth for two minutes. The children later acknowledged their pearly white teeth. This is a daily activity to help children get in the habit of brushing teeth and to make them more aware of oral hygiene.We were very busy, and yet we didn’t stop there! We continued with some activities and had a lot fun.

Research has also shown that 26% of children have missed school due to dental pain and infection.

We as a nursery, do everything to educate our children on this overlooked subject , whilst letting them have fun. This helps children remember this activity in a fun way; encourages them to carry this on at home and reflect this on their family members.

When this pandemic is over, we will try to organise a dental specialist Q&A.